Amino Commissions…NEVER AGAIN

So I’ve been doing commissions on and off and usually get them from reddit, but I thought I try another platform to get my commissions noticed.
I was part of the Drawing Community in Amino and I like the interaction there and meet some amazing artist there so I thought I’d give it a try with the Commissions Community.
Now don’t get me wrong, some of the people on there are nice and helpful, some even told me ways to set up my commissions on there. So when I do my first post on there I’m thinking “I got everything ready. I put up sample pictures and my website with more information, even my signature is there. I should be fine.”
I wasn’t fine.
Probably 2 minutes after posting I get an (obvious) copy and paste response from one of the curators saying I didn’t show enough proof.
So I’m like “Ok I’ll show more proof.” And took screenshots of the work in the program I used that CLEARLY shows the layers and everything. So you would think that’s enough proof, right?
The curator still wants more proof and even ask for a speedpaint of me doing the work.
I can’t provide a speed paint because I did the sample work months ago and doing speedpaints wasn’t a thought when I made the sample work so I thought maybe opening the grouped layer, showing them the paths and shapes in them (because this is a vector drawing) and even explaining to them that this is a vector drawing so the layers will only show thing like “Path”, “Ellipse”, “Rectangle”, etc would be enough, right?
This still isn’t enough proof. So I didn’t respond anymore. I deleted the post and left the community.
I kept showing proof, after proof, after proof that I’m the artist and this is MY work.
Heck! If you go on my website, which I linked in the post, first thing you’ll see is my signature which is on ALL my artwork and there’s even a portfolio section where you can see my past and recent works AND all my socials are linked on my website so that should be even more proof THAT IT’S MY ART!
Anyway, I’m not gonna post in that community anymore (because I left) and continue with reddit and maybe give Twitter a try.
Since I’m still on the topic, I’ll put my website here as well:
If you’re interested or have someone who may be interested, check out my commissions tab for info.

Sorry this isn’t the normal art blog I usually post. I just needed to get this off my mind. I talked to some friends about it and even some friends from the drawing community and even they agree that me adding my website was a good move and should have provided the needed proof if not more.
But oh well. I tried it, I experienced it, and now I move on.

If anyone has any suggestions for where I can promote my commissions, put them in the comments. It’ll be super helpful.